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The Reason why All Male Inc exists

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Men are Tough!” You know why Men are tough? Because they face tough situations. And facing these situations make them tough. But you know what doesn’t have to be tough – Taking care of yourself. At All Male Inc. we provide a wide range of hair and skin care products exclusively for men. A Man has every right to take care of himself and his looks. We understand this and that is the reason we exist. So that you may have many problems in life, but taking care of your hair or skin is not one of them. We at All Male care about All Male. So, Here are some products we recommend for All Male(s):

Hash Mash

Your skin fights a lot of battles during the day, which you might not even realise. But slowly as the time passes, it starts showing signs of fatigue through dark circles, dead skin cells, wrinkles. Protect your skin with Hash Mash facial cleansers and face creams.

Mer Man

There is a myth going around that men can’t be sensitive. Mer Man is a skin care regime for men who have a sensitive heart and sensitive skin. Daily usage of Mer Man facial cream leaves your skin hydrated and feeling younger.

Scalp Royale

Every man is very obsessed with his barber. Because deep down you know that hair play a very important role in your looks. Nothing makes a man more attractive than a head full of full thick and beautiful hair. Scalp Royal is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients which strengthen your
hair making them thick and beautiful.


For your Shaving problems, we have got Chauv. A silken 3 step shave for those who are in a hurry of life. And Silken 5 step shave not only provides
you smooth shaving experience but also gently exfoliates the skin while nourishing and moisturizing it. We have also got Smouldering Beard Rituals for those who love their beard as much as they love their kids.