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You can use it twice a day, as per your requirement, it will give your skin a refreshed look without stripping away moisture.

Sure it is. Even your skin needs nourishment after a tiring day.

The particles in the exfoliator help remove dirt from your skin and clear clogged pores which leaves your skin clean and clear.

Using the revitalizing mask all over your face or as a spot treatment for your skin removes marks and spots on the skin.

No, using the exfoliator will not damage your skin in any way. But in case you are sceptical about the product then do a patch test before using it directly onto your skin.

No, using clay mask will not completely dry out your skin but only remove the excess oil from your skin.

No, emulsion creams are gel based moisturizers that do not make your skin oily.

For a basic skincare routine follow the CTM rule i.e. Cleanse, Tone and Moisurize. Use the Facial cleanser, Toner and Emulsion cream for best results.

Yes, these products are safe to be used on sensitive skin type. Do a patch test before using the products.