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If women are the victims of stereotypical biases, men are too. There’s a certain defining characteristic that put men in different categories. Our thought behind All Male Inc is to cater all male under one umbrella. We aren’t here to differentiate men and attribute them with traits like tough, macho, stud etc… For us, ALL MALE ARE MEN.

All Male Inc is about shattering all those stereotypes and bringing in a new league of men that are flexible, accepting, tolerant, tough et al.

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L ook in the mirror, then look away. What do you see? Tiredness, waiting to be conquered? Then we've got you covered with a range of no-nonsense grooming products that just work. Pick one and see the difference for yourself. Not just in the mirror. But in your everyday hustle.

Time To Own Oneself

For the times you’re frazzled and nasty. For the times you’re genteel and debonair. For the times you’re ill-equipped for conversations. For the times you’re over-equipped for interactions.

Whatever your man-mood may be,enhance it with a bit of grooming.And fish for a lazy compliment or two.Bask in female attention when you choose to indulge in a bit of bonhomie with All Male Inc.

Men are all kinds. Soft, strong, sturdy, nerdy, vigorous, lazy, and the traits go on. Bringing them all in one frame and catering to them in one place, might be difficult but their skin remains the same. That’s why all Male Inc brings a product range that ups the game of skincare routine.



Mer Man

Among other priorities in your life and million efforts you put, let skincare be one. A splash of rejuvenation is what you gift your skin with Mer Man’s set of essentials that takes care of it all throughout. Exfoliate, refresh, and nourish your skin to always look dapper.

Cool Luke

When meeting up with friends, there are bound to be a few who are hell bent on capturing the moment. Luckily, you’ll be stealing their thunder with your well-groomed visage. In two simple steps, your skin will be blemish free and even radiant, if we may say so ourselves.

Hash Mash

Your life might be jumbled up, but your look can never be. To ensure that, Hash Mash has got you covered. Get proper care for your skin that cleanses your weariness. Between the roughness of the days and stressful ways, your skin deserves a soothing break. Give it one!

Scalp Royale

Take your shower ritual, a notch up with the benefit of botanical extracts. Treat your hair with some good lather made for your hair to shine bright and stay strong. Keeping it tamed,in the adversity and in leisure.


For the ones with beard, and the ones without one- you ought to take some really good care of your face. Made to keep a well-groomed beard and a killer clean-shaven look, Chauv is here to be by your side, all-ways.

Sunny Boy

Here’s a shield to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Enriched with natural ingredients and active zinc, the blend supports skin’s protection process and improves the appearance of skin pliability and firmness for multi action benefits.

Exclusivity For Men

The different design of men demands a specialised skincare product. Catering to this very segment, our products made of efficacious formulas and chosen ingredients offer the men out there a chance at having a healthy skin all-ways.